Time to Pretend
Dead-set on recovery.
Former bulimic, on the road to happiness.
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This will be my last post, maybe forever.

I’ve decided that thinking about fitness all the time is definitely not what i want to do, and tumblr definitely doesn’t help that. 

Natural Beauty Tips

Okay, before I even write this post, I want to say that by no means am I bragging about my own natural beauty. These are just tips that have worked for me and every single person I know. I’ve accumulated this knowledge through trial and error, and with my insatiable desire to be remotely attractive. And with that, let us begin.

-Don’t touch it. Seriously.
-Wash your face twice a day with the most basic cleanser you can find.
-Moisturize before you go to sleep with the plainest lotion, fragrance free if possible. The less you do to your face, the better.
-Moisturize in the morning with a light lotion with SPF! Premature aging is literally Satan.
-Don’t wear foundation, or wear it only on special occasions. The reason you need foundation, is because you wear foundation. Foundation is literally Satan, too.
-That being said, cover-up is your best friend. Powder too. This is why we wash our face twice a day, and a little bit of makeup goes a long way. A dab’ll do ya!

-Shampoo is meant for your scalp, not the shaft (tehe) of your hair. That is what conditioner is for, and you should only condition your scalp when using a hair mask.
-Speaking of hair masks, do it once a week.
-Heat is literally Satan when it comes to your hair. Just stop. Instead, try using hair oils like Keratin to smooth, and check out pinterest for some heat free curling ideas.
-Salon stuff is expensive and CVS brand shampoo will work just as well as that 40 dollar bottle of “eu de poop”. Pinky swear. Just figure out what brand makes your hair do good things and never let go of that brand, no matter what it says on the bottle.

-Use lotion right after your shower. And use a moisturizing body wash.
-Before your shower, scrub your body with a exfoliating brush. This gets rid of dead skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite.
-Speaking of cellulite, shut the hell up about it. No one cares about the back of your thighs except for you. Everyone else is too busy checking out dat ass.
-Stop putting salt and/or butter on food. You will soon find it unnecessary and using it makes you look puffy.
-Learn to love healthy food. The healthier your insides are, the better your outsides look.

Last but not least, smile. I know, it’s fruity. But every single person on this planet has a wonderful smile. Be kind, be loving, grateful, happy, spiritual. Always remember, this planet is lucky to have you.